Health Protection Protocol at Masion D' Aphrodite -Please inquiry who is fully Vaccinated

The safety of both the providers and the clients in our space is vital.  Here is what we are doing to keep everyone safe:

 We ask that you not book if you are feeling unwell or are symptomatic of anything that might be contagious.  If you show up to an appointment symptomatic, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be held responsible for the appointment cost in full.

As you likely already know, we always keep our spaces impeccably clean, but as of last month we have added a few changes to our maintenance routine.  You will no longer find hand towels in our bathrooms. Please feel free to use the wash cloths to dry your hands, keeping those materials single use without adding to landfill.  Additionally, we are now also using disinfectant on all the surfaces, knobs and door handles in between sessions, as well as the door knobs outside the rooms.

We are concerned about the new COVID-19 coronavirus just as you are and we wanted to outline for you what measures we are taking to keep ourselves and our spaces clean and healthy:

What we are doing

What we ask of you


Thank you

Maison D Aphroidite