Aeon Magdalena

My desire for exploration, self expression, and integration is what lead me to journey on a path toward erotic embodiment.

As a spectrum of feminine energy designed and organized by intuition and experience- with you I get to express a full range of feeling from joy, sadness, rage, arousal to stillness depending on what the circumstances call for when we come together.

I honor your willingness to explore for yourself, expanding your capacity to experience as deeply as is possible the things that bring you fully present to here and now.

As human beings we experience a gradient world of the spiritual into material with a vast range of sensations and emotions. Oftentimes those emotional sensations continue beyond the time they are needed.

My purpose in this offering of experience is to encourage you to free yourself of these energies and feelings that may have continued to echo somewhere within you. In doing so you create space in your consciousness, your body and your life for more pleasure, more meaning and acceptance.

It is my honor to be someone that you can be exactly as you are in this moment with, knowing you are held, cared for and supported on your journey of expansion.

Looking forward to connecting with you.

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