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~ Sensual and Tantra Massage  Collective in The San Francisco Bay Area~

About Us

Welcome to Maison D' Aphrodite.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our healing sanctuary. Welcome to our sanctuary of indulgence, where the art of sensuality and the wisdom of tantra converge to create a unique and transformative experience. At our boutique collective, we invite you to explore a world where skilled practitioners craft bespoke moments of bliss, elevating the senses and nurturing the soul. Immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility, where each touch is an expression of artistry, and every session is tailored to your desires. Our carefully curated team of  massage and tantra experts is dedicated to guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, fostering connection, and unlocking the profound potential within. Discover the fusion of ancient traditions and contemporary luxury as you step into our haven. This is more than a boutique; it's a realm where the boundaries between pleasure and healing blur, and where your well-being takes center stage.Indulge in the extraordinary – welcome to a boutique collective of tantra healing where sensuality meets serenity, and every touch is a celebration of self.

Step into the serenity of our Tantra house , a sacred space meticulously crafted for your relaxation and rejuvenation. The air carries the subtle fragrance of tranquility as you are enveloped in the warmth of soft candlelight, creating an intimate atmosphere that invites a sense of calm. Luxuriously soft towels await, promising a cocoon of comfort, while the gentle strains of soft music weave through the air, harmonizing with the rhythm of your breath. This haven is designed to be more than a space—it's a sanctuary where the stresses of the outside world dissolve, and you are embraced by an oasis of peace and sensuality. Welcome to a place where every detail has been carefully chosen to guide you into a state of profound relaxation and connection.

We have 2 gorgeous  incall locations.  Walnut Creek ,the Lotus House and Union Square -San Francisco ( Lower Nob Hill ) The sanctuary House .Both are discreet and located in upscale buildings, near transportation and safe parking garages.


Full body massage is an irresistible opportunity to leave behind the world as you know it, let go of stress, and, best of all, surrender to your own sensual nature with the masterful and exquisite touch of an intuitive, talented, and beautiful goddess

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Nuru massage awakens all the senses and evokes powerful, tactile sensations, which aid in the reduction of stress and tension. Nuru also awakens and invigorates the sensual response receptors on the skin’s surface and allows the recipient to increase and maintain high levels of pleasure. Not to mention, after a Nuru session, your skin will feel and look amazing!

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The purpose of Tie & Tease is to increase both the felt experience of and capacity for sensory stimulation in the passive partner, who gains these by allowing trust and willingness to surrender fully to the experience.

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Tantric bodywork is a unique and richly rewarding opportunity to receive healing, erotic touch from a skilled masseuse trained in breath work, chakra healing, Reiki, and therapeutic massage. Tantra also enables one to get in touch with subtle and otherwise hidden desires.

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Therapeutic Offerings

This gentle and popular massage technique is characterized by gently, feather-like strokes across the entire surface of the body that move toward the heart chakra. Swedish-style massage is perfect for a sensual massage newbie or when you are extremely stressed and need a soft, soothing touch to calm your nervous system.

Hot stone massage therapy originated in India as mode of healing in Ayurvedic medicine to treat stress and tension in the body and restore overall balance.Simply put, hot stone therapy is the use of hot stones (and sometimes cold stones) in place of hands. During a hot stone therapy session, your massage therapist will place stones in areas where there are energetic blockages and muscular tension.

Deep tissue massage uses firm, deep kneading massage techniques to help release tension in knotted muscles and reduce emotional anxiety and stress. While deep tissue massage indeed aims to reach deeper muscle tissue and fascia, your experience will not be painful. On the contrary, Maison’s intuitive masseuses will ensure your massage aids in reducing pain and dissolving tension during your massage therapy session.

WhileReiki is not traditional massage therapy per se, it is a naturally complementary healing modality that works in tandem with any sensual or therapeutic massage session. Originating in Japan in the early twentieth century, Reiki is often referred to as “palm healing.”

Nothing feels better to an over-stressed nervous system and tension-riddled muscles than an aromatic and absolutely spectacular hot oil massage with one of Maison Aphrodite’s sensual massage experts. Traditionally, hot oil massage is a foundational treatment in Ayurveda, in which herb-infused hot oil and massage are used to treat myriad health physical and mental health conditions.

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Our Collective

A Boutique fusion of Sensual massage and tantra. Step into the intimate realm of Maison D' Aphrodite, where the artistry of sensual massage seamlessly intertwines with our profound wisdom of tantra. Our boutique collective is a heaven curated for those seeking a unique blend of therapeutic touch and spiritual exploitation, delivered by skilled healers dedicated to your well-being. Our healers are more then just masseuses and tantra guides; they are artisans who have mastered the intricacies of massage and the spiritual depths of tantra.

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