Healing Crystals

The crystals are also assigned different properties, which treat different things.

Because each crystal has different energies, it’s always good to know which crystal is right for you and your needs, and there may be a crystal that you are just drawn to. I am going to list the top 10 healing crystals and their meanings for you so that this is a bit easier.

10 Most Effective Healing Stones

1. Amethyst

The Amethyst is a crystal which has been known to be used to help cure hangovers and also drunkenness. This particular crystal is also said to be good for helping people connect to their spirituality as well as improve psychic ability.

2. Rose Quartz

This crystal is also known as the ‘love crystal’. This stone is commonly used for attracting and keeping love, as well as protecting relationships. The Rose Quartz can also help to heal your heart from disappointment and pain.

3. Iron Pyrite

The Iron Pyrite can be used to deter any negative energy or any physical danger that you may be faced with. This can also help activate your intellect and memory even more.

4. Tiger Eye

This crystal can be used for maintaining and growing wealth. The Tiger Eye is also known to help create understanding and awareness, it can also be a great stone to use when you are feeling stressed, to keep you calm.

5. Hematite

This particular crystal is often used to ground and balance you in your life. It can be the perfect stone to have if you are under stress and need to feel calm and centered. This crystal can also help to clear away any negative feelings which occur from stress or anxiety.

6. Raw Emerald

This is another stone that can help with love. This crystal is often called the stone for ‘successful love’. This crystal can promote focus, clear negativity and encourage loyalty and sensitivity.

7. Citrine

The Citrine crystal is often used because of it’s warm, optimistic energy it can give off and also it has the added benefit of not having to be cleansed or recharged. This crystal also helps to fend off any negative energy that comes your way.

8. Celestine

The Celestine crystal can be great for calming and balancing. Some people who have used this crystal have said it helps them to remember their dreams. Celestine can also help provide clarity and peace to your body.

9. Quartz Crystal

Quartz crystal is a stone which has a pure and powerful energy source. This Crystal can make you feel more aware, as well as stimulate your brain and make you feel more active/alert. This crystal could be a great stone to use if you are feeling tired both mentally and physically.

10. Desert Rose

This crystal is sometimes used during meditation as it has been said to be used as an access to past and future lives. It can bring mental clarity as well as insight and awareness to the owner of the crystal.