Steps To Tantric Massage

Steps of tantric massage

  1. Communication – Take some time to discuss with each other your fears, boundaries and anxieties. Make sure that your partner understands what you need to resolve before you being the massage. Once the massage begins and the recipient is placed in an altered state of consciousness there cannot be any changes about the end goals of the massage.
  2. Time – it is important to set a limit for the duration of the massage. This helps to determine how far the recipient will travel on their journey to find themselves.
  3. Giving vs Receiving – Decide whether you wish to give or receive. It may also be both.
  4. Preparing the space – Create a suitable ambience with soft lights, aroma, soft light and a temperature that is suitable to wear a minimal amount of clothing.

Role of the receiver

The receiver must breathe slowly and deeply with their abdomen. Exhale with the mouth as this would awaken your consciousness and make your experience many times more enjoyable.

If a particular touch does not seem soothing, breathe in and relax and try and find if it can be made more pleasant by dropping all obstructions. But if it is not happening do not hesitate to let your partner know.

Be flexible and do not become stiff. Make sounds if needed since this is a way of letting your partner know if you are feeling better.

Role of the giver

Use your heart and feel the connection with the receiver. Breathe in love from the receiver through your left hand and channel it through your heart. Next, breathe it out through your right hand and into the receiver. This sets up a loop of energy that travels back and forth.

Imagine in your mind that the body is new to you and massaging is like exploring an unknown country. Instead of seeing limbs and torso and skin and bones see curves and shadows, light playing between shapes. Let your touch be a nurturing one. Let it be full of compassion and love. Make sure to touch every chakra.