Tantra and Tranic Healing

Tantric healing is a holistic healing approach that draws on all the sciences - astronomy, astrology, numerology, physiognomy, physics, chemistry, alchemy, Ayurveda, psychology, mathematics, geometry, and so on.

The motivating force behind the eternal play of the illusory world of phenomena is the power of desire (ichcha-shakti). This desire is present in the one who is without attributes, the nameless and formless aspect of the divine (Brahman). Tantra accepts desire as the prime motivating force of the universe and much of the work of Tantra is to work with and not against desire. By means of physical and ritual cleaning, breathing, visualization, repetition of a mantra, etc.. Tantra helps to unfold our divine nature and bring healing to body and soul

In this way, Tantra is truly magical, mystical and the shamanic tradition of Asia. While in many Asian cultures Tantric healing has become quite marginal, in Nepal it is still very strong. Some of the Tantric treatments and rituals may be wonderfully strange, but so are its results. Especially in case of chronic diseases that allophatic, homeopathic or ayurvedic doctors have not be able to cure, tantric healing often provides the solution. Tantra is often hard to understand, but to the one who gets cured through tantric healing this is not very important.

A disease or emotional imbalance may originate with an imbalance on any level : physical, mental/emotional or spiritual. However, if the condition becomes chronical, then the imbalance will spread to all levels. Just eliminating the original cause may then not be succesful in removing the disease and only a holistic approach on all levels of our being may produce the desired result. And if the cause is spiritual, the sole treatment of the physical and mental/emotional symptoms may often produce new symptoms and problems, which may even be more severe than was originally the case.

Rituals are like a language adressing the spiritual world in a particular way. General rituals that pay respect to the energies of the spiritual world or praise and thank helper energies are usually very traditional and always happen in the same way. On the other hand, the particular ways in which a healing is done may vary very much according to the situation and the needs of the patient. The most common healing rituals in Tantra are Havana (fire ritual), Balli (offerings) and Wulta (energizing of foods and medicines).

Of all tools used in tantric rituals, mantras are probably the most important. Through their sound syllables that produce certain energetic vibrations, they influence the spiritual world in a major way. After treatment, patients may also receive at the centre a particular mantra to help with the healing process at home.

In tantric healing, vedic astrology plays an important role to assess the karmic effects behind the disease or mental instability. This way, the healer will always consult the horoscope of the patient before deciding upon particular healing methods or chosing ayurvedic medicines to complement the rituals.

Just to avoid misunderstanding, it is important to mention that while our Tantric healing may also deal with sexual problems, our healing practices do not involve any sexual rituals, tantric massage or other neo-tantric practices that only emerged in the West the last couple of decades.