Couples Tantra Massage

Many of you may have heard of the growing trend of  ecently. It is a way not only to reignite the passion in your relationship, but also to reconnect with your partner. If used correctly it is a valuable and useful tool that offers a whole range of relationship, sexual and mental benefits.

For those who are looking to find out more about couples tantric massage at Maison D' Aphrodite,this article and created an infographic to help you understand what is couples tantric massage and what are the benefits. I hope it helps with your questions, feel free to share it and raise awareness about the wonders of couples massage!

Couples tantric massage is an erotic massage experience with your partner, usually performed by a highly trained tantric massage therapist using body to body massage techniques. The objective is recharge your  energy and to reinforce a strong sexual bond between you and your partner. The masseuse will take you through a tantric journey where she will use warm oils to massage you and your partner, slowly releasing your tensions and connecting you as a couple. The idea is to intimately and gradually take you both to the edge of climax and back again until you eventually reach an intense, explosive happy ending for the both of you.

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