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Goddess Doubles Massage $1000 Hour (2 therapists) 1.5 Hours $1,700

Are you looking for a delicious new experience of feeling all of your senses activated while being massaged from head to toe by four hands?  the  goddess double massage session is an exquisite massage journey,Surrender to the capable hands of two women and let the journey begin. Candels, soft music, warm massage oil.

Couples Tantra Massage $Hour 950(1 Therapist ) 1.5 hour $1,200

Many of you may have heard of the growing trend of  ecently. It is a way not only to reignite the passion in your relationship, but also to reconnect with your partner. If used correctly it is a valuable and useful tool that offers a whole range of relationship, sexual and mental benefits.

Tantra Body Work $305 Hour 1.5 Hours $460

At Maison D' Aphrodite, our coveted sanctuary provides a safe and compassionate space for exploring your sacred sensuality, whether with a masseuse or with your intimate partner. Tantric bodywork is a unique and richly rewarding opportunity to receive healing, erotic touch from a skilled masseuse trained in breath work, chakra healing, Reiki, and therapeutic massage. Tantra also enables one to get in touch with subtle and otherwise hidden desires.

Tie and Tease $350Hour 1.5 Hours $450

In the aftermath of Hollywood’s blockbuster 50 Shades series, which explored power dynamics within the erotic realm, Tie & Tease is fast becoming as mainstream as its ubiquitous cousin, full body sensual massage (FBSM). Sexy, edgy, and the ultimate in erotic partner massage, Tie & Tease brings a little kink and a whole lot of pleasure to the world of sensual massage.

Nuru Massage $360 Hour 1.5 $500

Nuru is perhaps the most exotic adventurous of all erotic massage services provided at Maison D' Aphrodite.Developed in Kawasaki, Japan, Nuru is traditionally done on a plastic sheet placed on a bed, a covered massage table, or an air mattress. Nuru massage awakens all the senses and evokes powerful, tactile sensations, which aid in the reduction of stress and tension. Nuru also awakens and invigorates the sensual response receptors on the skin’s surface and allows the recipient to increase and maintain high levels of pleasure. Not to mention, after a Nuru session, your skin will feel and look amazing!

Full body Massage $305 Hour 1.5 Hours $460

Full body sensual massage is an irresistible opportunity to leave behind the world as you know it, let go of stress, and, best of all, surrender to your own sensual nature with the masterful and exquisite touch

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Goddess Doubles Massage

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