Tantric Bodywork

At Maison D' Aphrodite, our coveted sanctuary provides a safe and compassionate space for exploring your sacred sensuality, whether with a masseuse or with your intimate partner. Tantric bodywork is a unique and richly rewarding opportunity to receive healing, erotic touch from a skilled masseuse trained in breath work, chakra healing, Reiki, and therapeutic massage. Tantra also enables one to get in touch with subtle and otherwise hidden desires.

The benefits of tantra are multi-faceted, as tantric bodywork can address the earliest impressions on our sexuality, current blockages and limitations, and also supports healthy expression of emotions and our own individual personalities.  

Maison D' Aphrodite’s practitioners are adept and gentle facilitators, who will masterfully guide you through a personalized experience that deepens your awareness and sensitivity and assists you in letting go of whatever holds you back from achieving your fullest capacity for pleasure. Tantric bodywork is ideal for those who’ve experienced alack of connection in relationships or a sense of numbness or emptiness within themselves.

We find the most satisfying therapeutic tantra sessions are those in which clear communication and boundaries are present. We invite and encourage you to discuss your goals, and raise any questions with your practitioner when scheduling your tantric bodywork appointment.

At Maison D' Aphrodite, we offer tantric bodywork to couples and individuals. For those wishing to explore their sexuality on an ongoing basis, our practitioners will join you in collaboratively designing a program especially geared towards your individual needs. Often, clients establish lasting connections with our tantra providers, and it is our intention to continuously improve upon and expand our services with the development of our clientele. You may augment your tantric bodywork session with sound healing, kundalini yoga, and Reiki techniques and discuss additional modalities your practitioner can incorporate into your therapy.

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