Sensual Tie and Tease

In the aftermath of Hollywood’s blockbuster 50 Shades series, which explored power dynamics within the erotic realm, Tie & Tease is fast becoming as mainstream as its ubiquitous cousin, full body sensual massage (FBSM). Sexy, edgy, and the ultimate in erotic partner massage, Tie & Tease brings a little kink and a whole lot of pleasure to the world of sensual massage.

What exactly is Tie & Tease?

Many clients don’t know what Tie & Tease is and, sadly, these unfortunates miss out on this highly-charged, erotic experience. Once you embark on the Tie & Tease journey, there is no turning back! It's that good!!

The purpose of Tie & Tease is to increase both the felt experience of and capacity for sensory stimulation in the passive partner, who gains these by allowing trust and willingness to surrender fully to the experience. How to make this happen is up to the inventive erotic muse, who will use gentle and firm touch, body-to-body contact, ice, feathers, warm candles, fragrant oils, and special tools to awaken tactile senses and increase somatic awareness. Fortunately, expensive professional tools aren’t necessary for a hot T ie and Tease though we at Maison D' Aphrodite ourselves insist on bringing the very best to our clients.

Will Tie & Tease hurt? 

One of the most common concerns clients have is that Tie & Tease will hurt, or that involves intense bondage. Rest assured, Tie and Tease is all about pleasure...And the degree which you allow yourself to receive and surrender to your partner determines how much pleasure you will experience.

Our Tie and Tease sessions use gentle restraints and only hands or hands and feet are bound to the point of minimal mobility.  

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